A significant chunk of the work we do at Chem19 is to record and it is often the most satisfying and exhilarating part of the job for the engineers as they are given the opportunity to work closely with the artist finding the ideal sounds, the best performances and ultimately the best presentation of the songs.

All of our engineers are highly skilled and with at least a decade’s worth of experience in Chem19. They are all very engaged with the recording process and can help with all manner of things, where requested, from choice of instrumentation, style of play etc. to more production orientated questions such as song arrangement and part selection. 

We are often asked how long it takes to record. We go into more detail on this in the FAQ section, but in the main it is very difficult to say as it depends on so many things. Instrumentation, style of recording, how prepared the artist is etc. all come into it. Feel free however to just get in touch to give us a bit more info on your own situation and we can give you a good estimate on how much time to budget for.

We have a good range of amps & instruments in the studio, all free to use with the exception of drum kit hire. Piano tuning is also charged if the artists feels it necessary. For more info on this please visit out FAQ page.