Derek O’Neill

Derek O’Neill has been working with Chem19 for almost a decade now, first with Paul Savage on the Phantom Band second LP ‘The Wants’, quickly moving on to mix Rick Redbeard’s second LP ‘Awake Unto’.

In addition to his recording, mixing and mastering skills, Derek is an occasional remixer, having mixed various recordings including original works of James Yorkston and other Fence Records catalogue. He also has experience in sound design having worked with fellow Chem19 engineer David McAulay on the 2014 film ‘From Scotland With Love’, recorded and mixed at Chem19.

Derek plays piano and keyboards with King Creosote.


Viva Stereo “Endure the dark to see the stars” (Album) Mixing Engineer (De-Fence Records)

James Yorkston “Spanish Ants” (Fly In The Oink Remix) Mixing Engineer (Domino Recordings)

The Primary 5 “Revive: Demos and Rarities 2001-2008” Mastering Engineer

King Creosote “That might be it darling” Assistant Engineer (Domino Recordings)

“Experimental_Batch_Number_26” (features KC, JY, Slow club etc) Assistant Engineer

( Dewars House Records)

The Phantom Band “The Wants” Recording

The Phantom band “Strange Friend” Recording Engineer & Production

The Phantom band “Fears Trending” Recording Engineer, Production & Mixing Engineer

Rick Redbeard “Awake Unto” Mixing Engineer